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Overhead Stringing & Erection Tools

  • Power Winch Machines

    Feature : Specially Designed for OPGW Stringing, Forward-Reverse gearing system, Clutch system available

    RPM : Honda GX390 Engine 13PS/3600rpm

    Dimension : 1500x600x600mm

    Weight App : 200Kg

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    Power Winch Machines

  • Hydraulic Compressor Jointing Machine

    Available in Capacity : Available in 100T & 150T

    Pressure : Hose Pipe Pressure Line 690 Bar

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    Hydraulic Compressor Jointing Machine

  • Conductor Drum Lifting Jack

    Material : Mild Steel

    Available in : 3T & 8T

    Drum Diameter : Up to 2000mm Diameter

    Shaft : 55mm shaft for 3T & 75mm shaft for 8T

    Feature : Rotation of shaft on gun metal bush/ Clamping Jaws

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    Conductor Drum Lifting Jack

  • Spacer Cycle

    Material : Mild Steel Aluminium Wheel with Rubber Flapping

    Brake System : Foot Control Brake System

    Working Load Capacity : 275kg

    Available for : Hex & Quad Conductor

    Finishing : Epoxy Paint Coated

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    Spacer Cycle

  • Hydraulic Conductor Cutter

    Suitable upto : 38mm Diameter Conductor/cable/wire Rope

    Blade Made from : High Strength Steel & Heat Treated

    Oil : Oil Hydraulic 68

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    Hydraulic Conductor Cutter

  • Turn Table

    Material : Mild Steel

    Available for : Earth wire 3T & Conductor Drum 7T

    Suitable for : Any Conductor/cable Drum

    Capacity : 8 Ton

    Feature : Breaking System Arrangements

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    Turn Table

  • Traction Machine for OPGW

    Usage : Used to Replace Conductor

    Suitable for : 6 to 26mm Conductor Diameter

    Operated By : Honda Engine Operated

    Weight App. : 43Kg

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    Traction Machine for OPGW

  • Sheave Pulley Block

    Material : Mild Steel

    Size : 150mm Diameter Pulley Which is Suitable for 24mm Rope

    Available in : Open & Close Type, Forged Eye Hook & S Hook

    Feature : Bearing mounted motion system

    Working Capacity : 5T

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    Sheave Pulley Block

  • Equalizer Pulley

    Size : S.G. Iron Sheave of 300mm

    Fame Material : Mild Steel Fame

    Features : Forged Eye Hook, Bearing Mounted Motion System

    Working Load Capacity : 10T

    Finishing : Epoxy Paint Coated

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    Equalizer Pulley

  • OPGW Hanging Pulley

    Available in : Nylon and Aluminium Wheel

    Weight App. : 3Kg

    Usage : For exchanging earth wire with OPGW

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    OPGW Hanging Pulley

  • Come Along Clamp

    Material : S.G. Iron Body in Two Parts, Carbon steel bolt & Mild Steel Hook

    Suitable for : Earth Wire

    Safe Working Capacity : 3T

    Weight App. : 8Kg

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    Come Along Clamp

  • Aerial Roller

    Material : Aluminium Roller with Rubber Flapped , Mild Steel Frame

    Available in : 300mm, 400mm & 660mm

    Feature : Bearing Mounted Motion System

    Working Capacity : 3T

    Finishing : Epoxy Paint Coated

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    Aerial Roller

  • Ground Cable Roller

    Material : Mild Steel

    Type : Natural Rubber Flapped Roller

    Finishing : Epoxy Paint Coated

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    Ground Cable Roller

  • Turn Buckle

    Usage : Used for Tightening Wire

    Material : Mild Steel

    Available In : 5T & 10T

    Finishing : Epoxy Paint Coated

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    Turn Buckle

  • Swivel Joint for Transmission Line

    Made from : Stainless Steel

    Suitable For : Suitable to Connect Pilot to Pull Cable

    Feature : Thurst Bearing Mounted System

    Available in : 3T, 5T, 10T, 15T & 20T

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    Swivel Joint for Transmission Line

  • Conductor Socks

    Made from : Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

    Available in : Single & Double End Type

    Available for : All Type of Conductor or Cable

    Design Type : Zigzag Type Design

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    Conductor Socks

  • Joint Protector

    Made From : Mild Steel and Rubber Side Covers

    Types : Available for all type of Conductors

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    Joint Protector

  • Sag Plate

    Made From : Mild Steel

    Feature : High Tensile Steel Bolts

    Working Capacity : 5T

    Weight App. : 12Kg

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    Sag Plate

  • Ratchet Lever Hoist

    Operated By : Hand Operated Hosting Appliances

    Frame Material : High Tensile Steel Frame

    Feature : Safety Latch At Both End Hook

    Size : Available in Different Sizes

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    Ratchet Lever Hoist

  • Steel Rope

    Usage : Industrial, Rescue Operation

    Specialities : Flame Retardant, Good Quality

    Material : Steel

    Color : Grey

    Pattern : Plain

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    Steel Rope

Underground Cable Laying Equipment

  • Cable Drum Lifting Jack

    Made from : Mild Steel

    Features : Mechanical Screw type Operation, Easy to Operate, Bearing Mounted System

    Base Dimension : 500x500mm

    Base Structure : Also Available if Require.

    Available in : 5T, 10T, 15T & 20T

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    Cable Drum Lifting Jack

  • Straight Line Cable Roller

    Finishing : Powder Coated Surface

    Usage : Used to Laying the Cable

    Frame Material : Mild Steel Frame

    Types : We have a Range of Light Duty, Medium Duty & Heavy Duty

    Roller Available in : Steel, Nylon & Aluminium

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    Straight Line Cable Roller

  • Corner Cable Roller

    Made from : Mild Steel

    Size : L x W x H – 560 x 330 x 320 mm, 175mm Roller with both end zz Bearing

    Finish : Powder Coated Surface

    Weight App. : 14 Kg

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    Corner Cable Roller

  • Manhole Cable Roller

    Made from : Mild Steel

    Usage : Used to the End of Manhole or Pit to Easy the Cable In

    Size : L X W X H – 500 X 290 X 630mm, 175mm Roller with Both End Zz Bearing

    Finishing : Powder Coated Surface

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    Manhole Cable Roller

  • AB Cable Roller

    Material : Available in Nylon and Aluminium Roller

    Frame Made from : Mild Steel

    Size : 150mm Diameter & 110mm Length Roller

    Suitable upto : 33kv Aerial Bunched Cable

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    AB Cable Roller

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